Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Style Obsession - Miroslava Duma

Having worked as an editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia, Miroslava Duma is currently a freelance fashion editor/writer.
At first when I started seeing Miroslava Duma on street style blogs, I remember thinking "Wow she has awesome style for an 18 year old" only to find out she's 25ish, and married with kids (right now)!

Her style is so effortless and so put together. 
She doesn't take fashion too seriously and seems like she'd be somewhat down to earth.

photos from various street style blogs


KD faustino said...

just loooooooove her *high-pitched voice*

intherosegarden said...

She is truly a gem, both in the fashion world and as a lovely face! Love her for suree

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-xo Y&S